To handle yourself , use your head , to handle others , use your heart

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i hate d way u love me

    "  sometimes you need to run away
just to see
who will come after you "

patut ke gune cre nieh?..
any suggestion that can help me to solve my problem..
poyo lbeyh..
tyme exam tanak cri jwapan sndiri..
soklan bout cinta je 
trus gegeh nk tnye ehh..

susah nye ase ble cakap sai aty nieh..
masing2 ade aty kan..
tulun la jge sendiri..
penat la asek jge aty owg
engat saye tade aty eh?
suke2 je nak saket aty saye eh..
gembira eh ble wat cmtu?
saye ta kesah..
laen kali wat lagi eh..

"listening to sad songs when you're already sad only to end up feeling worse"

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