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Saturday, October 9, 2010

teguran itu penting dalam kehidupan

"People can criticize other people who are ready to accept criticism of others."
The above verse is one of the words of the intellectuals who criticized and reprimanded. Criticism may be valid in any, occurred in the reign of the government, in companies, in associations, in schools.
In the household also occurred, reprimanded the child's father, her husband commented, and others. Meaning she said the advice was accepted in anywhere.
Building and demolition
Criticism can be divided into two essentially constructive comments and a static and rigid. Whole Humans expect constructive criticism is not static. But there are also not like to be reprimanded lansgsung.
Human nature is known, only willing to be reprimanded when he was in need of such criticism. For example, Si Si A goes to B and want to comment or ask for advice, then whatever is said by Si B will be heard by berlapang chest.
Another if a person does not need criticism, suddenly admonished. Only half of the high-minded people who can accept criticism is spontaneous, while the small-minded, and continues to be felt tormented heart.
People who criticize
Humans do not ever run out of an offense, just a lot different and a bit. But let those who try to criticize the mistakes are minimal.
Do not be like crabs who taught her to walk straight. Something very strange when hardcore drug addicts to teach or criticize other people went to the mosque, although they themselves still terkontang kanting side drains in the box.
So if we like rebuke, we must ensure that the advice was in the direction towards our first, and then to others.
People who commented
Normally it is constructive criticism, because what we are not aware that sometimes other people have realized before, our perception of other people's perception, stated. Therefore, when rebuked, do not be too quick to bridle and rejected the criticism. If so, you are the losers, because you have the opportunity to build yourself, but the very beginning you have to tear it down.
Hukama said, "ordinary people will get angry when criticized by others, while the base is that they are improving themselves from criticism of others. Supposedly this is the custom of our lives."
Humans need a 'mirror' for the review itself. Is a mirror of those around us. Imagine you shave the mustache without a mirror. Is not difficult?
Remember ..
Each person must present also rebuked reprimanded. Many are not able to do this. Just like love to criticize but not reprimanded. So important when rebuked isyaratkan first, first comment is for yourself.
Remember! When you point fingers at the mistakes of others, in fact you have 3 fingers pointing to yourself. It was the custom.

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