To handle yourself , use your head , to handle others , use your heart

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

take me to your heart

i never really know how you feel
i cant read your mind
i just keep waiting

take me to your heart
show me where to start
let me play the part
of your first love

oh,i know down deep 
you love me
but you ever gonna 
love me
the way i love you?


aqidah nuwairah dan anna suhana said...

lagu xlarat nk dgr dah..hakhakhak..=p..
like this sweet..hihihi..
ska ayat2 dy..hee..<3

aqidah nuwairah said...

fifi..sja kacau hg..(comment kli kedua)huhuhu...
the way i luv you??lalalala~~

Fifi Natasya Mohd Nazlan said...

makaseh qidah
ang phm kn